Long time, no see

Who would have known that the first two weeks of “summer break” would be busier than all of “lockdown” so far? School supply drop off and pick up days, yearly checkups and appointments, consultations, and bribing my eldest child to allow herself to be photographed for an ongoing series… I am exhausted. Today was the … More Long time, no see

Clavus (n.)

My child reminded me that it is Weird Word Wednesday, which I missed last week here on the blog. Oops. Sorry about that. Not to make an excuse, but there is kind of a pandemic going on. Today’s word is clavus, a noun meaning “a pain in the forehead.” Funnily enough, I have found myself … More Clavus (n.)

Things I’ve Learned During Quarantine

Being under a government-mandated stay-home order has not been easy by any means. I understand why, and I will comply as long as is necessary. During this “challenging/unique” time (those are the words that the advertising copywriters are using interchangeably to describe the current state of the world), I have learned several things about myself. … More Things I’ve Learned During Quarantine

Search Terms

Recycling is good for the environment, AND blog content. About a billion years ago (well, like 15-ish) I had a blog. I was 24 when I started it and it was a thing I really enjoyed. Lots of mid-twenties crud that is kinda hilarious to look back on, but I’d never dream of re-publishing. I … More Search Terms

Alexiteric (adj.)

Hello from Weird Word Wednesday the strange, strange world in which we exist. I’ve been happening upon several words that are very apropos for the times. Alexiteric is an adjective that means “able to ward off contagion” or “having the properties of an antidote.” Don’t we all wish we had the magic pill to make … More Alexiteric (adj.)

Deglutition (v.)

Another strange (and kinda gross) edition of Weird Word Wednesday. Deglutition (v.) – the action of swallowing Anyone else disgusted by the sound of people chewing and swallowing? So disgusted that you just want to punch them right in the face? It’s called misophonia, and it’s a real thing. I can’t stand hearing people chew. … More Deglutition (v.)

Woofits (n.)

It’s Weird Word Wednesday! Today, a feeling that many of us are probably experiencing of late. What better way than a silly-sounding, strange word to give us a distraction. Woofits (n.) – an unwell feeling, like a headache; a moody depression; a hangover. My source book says there are citations that define this word as … More Woofits (n.)

Callipygian (adj.)

It’s Weird Word Wednesday! Today’s word comes to us from the Greeks, from words meaning “beauty” and “buttocks.” Yep. An old Greek word to tell someone they have a nice butt. Callipygian (adj.) – Having a shapely buttocks And no, this is not an April Fools Day Joke. I think the day should be cancelled. … More Callipygian (adj.)

Tigon (n.)

Another thrilling edition of Weird Word Wednesdays here on Somebody’s Daydream. Inspired by the WEIRDEST piece of documentary film I have seen in a while: Tiger King (on Netflix). Has anyone else seen this strange and almost surreal show? How can these people be real? They seem like caricatures. Honestly, when I saw the image … More Tigon (n.)