I’m a terrible blogger

There are a few frustrations in my life that gnaw at me. One is the fact that I cannot keep up with blogging consistently.

I can write and teach courses on photography.

I can create 40 pieces of self-portraiture in 40 days.

I can organize exhibits, virtual and in-person.

I can even create and compile a mini-series of interviews and portraits during a global pandemic.

Why is it so hard to keep up with a blog? It’s not like I don’t have ideas. Maybe it’s a function of depression/anxiety: I feel like no one really cares or wants to hear what I have to say. Maybe it’s that I don’t have it written into my work schedule. Maybe it’s that I don’t have any accountability.

I could probably come up with 100 excuses as to why I don’t blog more frequently. OR…

I can come up with some reasons to actively write. I’ll work on that instead.

“Mismatched Idylls” 2019 (c) Jennifer Esneault

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