Long time, no see

Who would have known that the first two weeks of “summer break” would be busier than all of “lockdown” so far? School supply drop off and pick up days, yearly checkups and appointments, consultations, and bribing my eldest child to allow herself to be photographed for an ongoing series… I am exhausted. Today was the dentist for both me and the kids, and joy of joys, I get to have 4 fillings done next week, as well as replace my night guard (which the dog decided made a great chew toy). *face palm emoji here* And I know I’ve missed a few Weird Word Wednesdays.

After I finished up the Quarantine Chronicles, I actually put them together into a book. You can find it on the Apple iBooks store, or printed through MagCloud (if you’re like me and enjoy printed books in your hands). I’m proud of the work I put into that, and it was amazing practice for a larger project I am already working on. But more on that later. 😉

Quarantine Chronicles By Jennifer Esneault

54 pages, published 5/21/2020 Artist Jennifer Esneault connects us through story and images during social distancing.

Find out more on MagCloud

The strides I have made with regard to my brand and my art have been staggering. Despite the business of “mom-ing” I have been a very productive artist. Complete pitch packages, elevator pitches, and more. My moment is coming. And it doesn’t just *happen* because I want it.

I am the catalyst. I am the spark. I am the ignition.

Just a small selection of the Quarantine FaceTime Portraits I took over the past few months. Not all of them have a story in the book, but they are all living stories themselves. Each one amazing and special to me.

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