Quarantine Chronicles #11 – Nitashia Johnson, Artist/Graphic Designer

This is the eleventh part in a series of images and interviews about how life has changed (or not) during the COVID-19 quarantine. The purpose is to show how we’re all in this together and we’re not all that dissimilar.

Nitashia Johnson is a photographer, artist, graphic designer, and a fresh voice for the Black Community. The imagery in her Self Publication and the accompanying stories of the African American experience are moving and eye-opening. She is breaking down cultural biases, and always looking for more people to profile. You can see more about the Self Publication at the website. She also runs a creative after school project called The SMART Project.

Q. How has the stay-home order changed the way you work?

A. As far as photography, I can’t do anything at all because of the social distancing and stay-home order. Even when they open things back up, I will be safe and wait a bit before I do shoots. I can’t work on my book project because it’s mainly photography. Graphic design is easier because I can do it from home. It’s just different elements pulling together. 

As far as the SMART project, we were going to partner with Eagle Scholars for the month of April and do it online, which can be hard when the kids don’t know how to get on Zoom. We did it and it wasn’t bad, but it lacked that human interaction that we want. This has given me a lot of things to look at and think about moving forward. 

Q. What is your silver lining?

A. My silver lining is that I realized we all need to enjoy the little things. Life is so fragile. We’ve deprived ourselves of simple things like walks through the neighborhood because we’re so hyper focused on work. There’s nothing wrong with being focused on work, but it’s been great to slow down enjoy the small stuff. 

Thank you so much, Nitashia. For your time, your voice, and your vision. I look forward to seeing all you do.

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