Quarantine Chronicles #6 – Lizzy Dupont, OB/GYN Resident

This is the sixth part in a series of images and interviews about how life has changed (or not) during the COVID-19 quarantine. The purpose is to show how we’re all in this together and we’re not all that dissimilar.

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Dupont is a resident in obstetrics and gynecology at a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. She’s our cousin, and we love her and all she is doing for us.

Q. Obviously, you’re a medical professional, so you’re not staying home, but how has work changed for you during the crisis?

A. We’ve cancelled all our elective surgeries, so it has been a bit more chill around the [gynecology] floor. I did a rotation on the COVID floor. It’s intense, but I went into medicine to be part of the solution, on the front lines and helping. No one really wants to get sick, but we go in knowing it is a risk of the job. We are learning a ton. One OB/GYN knows so much about respiratory issues, so it’s a unique learning opportunity. We are taking care of a lot of pregnant patients with COVID and deciding on questions like do we do earlier C-sections, if they’re intubated, when do we deliver the baby. It’s making us think a lot outside our norm. There are definitely some educational opportunities in all this disaster, too. 

[Being a health worker] I had to move out of my house because I was putting my housemates at risk, so I’m staying with a friend who is also a healthcare worker. 

People want connection and there’s a big support for healthcare workers, so people are reaching out to me asking how they can give me support and I say, “Can you please send me pictures of your adorable children and tell me funny stories?” That’s really what I want. 

Q. What has been your silver lining?

It’s impressive to me how Americans have come together. I always saw our culture as pretty individualistic and had only seen this kind of solidarity in other countries. I hope we hold onto that when all of this has passed.

Thank you for all you do Lizzy! 🙂 Stay safe and healthy, and I’ll keep sending photos of the kids. 😉

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