Quarantine Chronicles #1 – Natalie Ray, Vlogger

This is the first part in a series of images and interviews about how life has changed (or not) during the COVID-19 quarantine. The purpose is to show how we’re all in this together and we’re not all that dissimilar.

First up is Natalie Ray, a New Orleans mom and lifestyle vlogger (and my cousin-in-law). Images are of her oldest, child, Quinn, who kept stopping the shoot to “give mom hugs.” 🙂

Q. How would you say the stay-home ordinance has changed how you work?

A. As a stay-at-home mom of toddlers, it has not changed how I work other than making my job much more stressful. My husband is working but with a pay cut. So, everything is the same for us except we have less money, and I can’t take the kids anywhere. Cabin fever is setting in. We have all been more tense because of the stay home order, so I’m finding that I’ve unfortunately had less patience for everything lately.

(Same here, Natalie! I feel like I’m the Snap-your-head-off Queen these days.)

Q. Have you noticed any impact on your kids? How much do they understand what’s going on?

A. I feel lucky that my kids are too young to understand exactly what’s going on. However, it has still impacted them. My daughter asks to go to the playground and Target every day. I tell her that we can’t go because they are closed and that too many people are sick so they can’t open them. I tell her when everyone gets well we will go back, but I know she doesn’t fully understand. So she is often confused.

Q. What’s your silver-lining, your positive outtake from all this?

A. The silver lining in all this has definitely been showing me what really matters and what I really want. Family and friends and those relationships are all that truly matters. Not being able to see people that I love has been extremely difficult. I have also realized how much I love traveling and seeing new places. This time has allowed me to start a list of places I want to go in the future! I hate feeling trapped.

You can find Natalie’s YouTube Channel here: 2 Rays of Sunshine

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