Things I’ve Learned During Quarantine

Being under a government-mandated stay-home order has not been easy by any means. I understand why, and I will comply as long as is necessary.

During this “challenging/unique” time (those are the words that the advertising copywriters are using interchangeably to describe the current state of the world), I have learned several things about myself. I’ve even learned a few miscellaneous things. And since list-making is one of my favorite pastimes, I lay them out here for you.

Carole Baskin probably killed her husband.

Yeah, there may be some minuscule amount of evidence that he “got away with a lot of money,” but why would he leave her with the amount he did?

Memes are a great stress reliever.

I’ve amassed a great collection of them on my phone. I share the dirtiest ones with my brother. We laugh until we can’t breathe.

If forced, I could probably homeschool.

I don’t particularly WANT to, but I could, if I had to. Maybe.

Alcoholism may run in my family, but the gene doesn’t hold strong with me.

(Seriously, my great-grandfather was a bootlegger.) I’ve bought a variety of booze during this whole pandemic, but can’t make myself drink more than one a day. And day drinking just makes me worthless in the productivity department.

My daughter’s favorite singer is Sam Smith.

My son likes country music.

Kinda shocking, but not too surprising given his lineage.

I still don’t enjoy cooking.

Being forced to cook doesn’t make it any better. Regardless of what comes out of the crock pot/oven/stovetop, my kids will still complain about it being “gross” or “spicy” or “smelly.” Despite this, I have been very creative when cooking.

My husband handles stress much differently than I do.

We’re opposites, which is probably better than if he were as neurotic as I am. He’s stoic. He’s strong. He’s patient with me and my meltdowns. I could not have a better partner in this pandemic and in my life. What I ever did to deserve that man is beyond me.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome does not observe social distancing protocols. Enough said.

I got on TikTok.

Apparently I’m too old for TikTok, but what the GenZers on there don’t realize is that my generation invented social media. So get ready for more videos about my dog, failed TikTok dance attempts, and the occasional peek at my artwork.

I’ve taken up doodling. There are lots of videos online about doodling for stress relief.

My book pile is the same height as it was at the start of quarantine.

Between schooling, cooking, working, and NOT losing my mind completely, I don’t know when I am supposed to read. (Yet, here I am at half past midnight, writing, binge eating hummus and naan, and watching When Harry Met Sally. It’s a balance.)

It’s even harder to sleep than it was before, and it was bad then, too.

I am resilient.

While recruiting for yet another creative project I’ve cooked up during this “challenging” time, a friend told me that fear and hope can’t be in the same place. When I feel myself starting to spiral, I ask myself where it’s coming from: fear or hope. And I recalled my therapist telling me I am kind of a badass, from a long line of badass women.

So, I’m being a badass. Sometimes I cry like a badass. Sometimes I freak out like a badass. But I am a BADASS MOTHER.

2 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned During Quarantine

  1. I enjoyed reading your experiences in quarantine, as well as others around the world in WordPress. Came across your photos and boy are they good. Keep up the amazing creative endeavours 🙂


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