Back from the void of February

February is always a wacky month for our family. Both of the kiddos were born in February, making it a wild month of birthday gatherings with their friends and our family.

Some of the craziness that emerged from a girls’ sleepover at our house.

So I’m back and on the wagon of work and wellness. The endless flow of cake and treats has slacked up, so I can get back to healthy choices easier. And without the pressure of party planning, I can actually, truly do some WORK. Writing and art-making and feeding my soul.

Below is an old selfie. I have spent some time reviewing what feels authentic to me, and removing those things that no longer serve me. I like this selfie. It reminds me of a time when I took great pride in creating new things for self-expression. I will go back to that place as I prepare for next year’s solo show, the book I am working on, and the lessons I teach my daughter and son about how we can use our voices to make change in the world.

Beneath a floral crown. Also, my hair was very dark – nearly black.

What changes will you attempt to make in the world? Even a small thing can make ripples…

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