Often, people will ask me about where I get the ideas for my conceptual pieces. The short answer is “my dreams, books, music, etc.” Inspiration is a funny thing. Some people aren’t able to visualize images when they think or read. Others, like me, are filled with visualizations and ideas, seemingly out of nowhere at times.

“Inspiration” is an Old French word that comes from the Latin “inspirare” which literally means to breathe into. The ancients used it to describe a divine being giving breath or life to someone in the form of an idea or truth.

Does a muse breathe ideas into my mind? Maybe. But mostly I know I get ideas from being an open person. Open to listening to new things, reading new things, and watching new things. I may not like all of it, but it makes me feel. And what I feel is my truth. And I’m obligated to tell my truth – be it in words or images.

This image is inspired by a book I read recently called “The Starless Sea” by Erin Morgenstern. (If you haven’t read her work and you like really beautiful imagery, you’re not doing yourself a favor.)

This character guards what is pure, at a place that is outside of time.

“Guardian” 2020 – Model: Mack Graham

I challenge you to find something that inspires you. A book, a movie, or a line of a song. Write down how it makes you feel. Draw how it makes you feel. Make your truth concrete and real. Leave a mark.

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