20 Things That Make Me Smile

As a person who lives with high functioning anxiety and depression, sometimes I have to find things that make me remember my WHY. I’m here, for a purpose, as part of a greater plan. My life will touch the lives of others, and I want to have a positive ripple. How can you create a positive ripple when you feel down? [Note: I have been having more good days than bad lately. Just so you know.]

I’m listing 20 things here that make me smile. That makes my ripple a good one. These are not the only 20, but they’re a good start.

1 – Creating Art

Obvious. I love to create art. I am an artist.

2 – Blank Pages

Blank pages are so full of opportunity & possibility.

3 – Medium Point Ball Point Pens Against Paper

I love to scrawl notes and doodles.

4 – My Kids Laughing

Pure. Joy.

5 – Deep Conversations

Talking to someone about life, love, art, the Universe, God… Stirring conversations that spark more ideas and feed me creatively.

6 – The Sound a Coke Can Makes When Opened

I know the sugar and caffeine rush is coming, and I feel excited to hear this sound.

7 – Sleeping Late

I love to sleep in. I’m more of a night owl than a morning person. With small kids, I don’t get to sleep in very often but it’s amazing when I do.

8 – The Twilight Zone

Rod Serling was such a genius. He understood the human condition, and he knew how it could go dark. The show is almost prophetic in some of its topics. I own the whole series on DVD and will ALWAYS watch it when it comes on TV. (No, I haven’t watched Jordan Peele’s new take on it, but I’d like to.)

9 – Playing Pranks

I love to jump out and scare the kids, move objects around, change passwords, etc. It is hilarious. Never anything dangerous, just funny.

10 – Dirty Jokes

Sometimes I think I’m really a 12-year-old boy.

11 – Hugging Friends After Long Times Apart

Everyone likes a hug. They feel really good when it’s with a friend you’ve missed for a while. And this is coming from a person who doesn’t really like touching people or being touched.

12 – Zombies!

I am pretty obsessed with any and all zombie-related films, television, and pop culture. I dream about zombies – including zombies that don’t eat flesh, but weird things like apples or palm fronds. I have been a zombie on the run in my dreams. Strangeness abounds.

Dead in the Water, 2019 – Model: Mack Graham

13 – Reading

Escapism at its finest. I have more books than I can show in one photo.

14 – Libraries and Bookstores

The smells, the sounds (or quiet), and the feel of a new book in my hand. Love it. There’s a reason I ask to do dinner and the bookstore for my birthday each year.

15 – Good Metaphors

When a writer vividly captures a feeling in words, I get chills.

16 – Listening to my Husband Breathe in His Sleep

I’m a bit of a creep.

17 – Giving Good Gifts

I love when someone opens a gift I got for them. The eyes lighting up, the smiles. Moments to be treasured.

18 – A Good Cry at a Movie

My kids make fun of me, but I cry at Pixar movies with them. (Pixar is really good at that, by the way – making me cry.) But then again, I cry pretty easily at movies, TV shows, commercials… I’m kind of a cream puff.

19 – Singing in the Car

Nothing better than belting out Elton John or Queen or Stone Temple Pilots or Tupac while driving. Breaks up the monotony of the roads.

20 – Making lists

So you can imagine I’ve been smiling the whole day here.

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