Goals & Resolutions

The yearly tradition of setting oneself up for disappointment.

Right after Christmas each year, rest assured that your social media feeds will be inundated with “New Year, New You” cliches. Lose weight, look better, blah, blah blah. You know the familiar adages and memes. And who wouldn’t want a “fresh start”?

I could make a staggering and grandiose list of resolutions. I could. I have before. And I failed at them all. The past few years, I have not made such a list, and I don’t intend to this year, either.

Resolve. That’s such a firm and sturdy word. I RESOLVE to eat better. I RESOLVE to be more patient in the carpool line. I RESOLVE to avoid negativity and gossip. I’d do great for a few days. Maybe even a week! But eventually, I’d let it go and slip back into my old ways.

This year, I decided NOT to resolve. Because “resolve” has lost its meaning in this world. Resolutions are nothing more than empty wishes these days.

No, this year, there will be a PLAN. See, GOALS are wishes backed up by action. And being my anxious won’t make that easy. But I’m going to write them down. Make action steps. And carry them out. Until I reach the end and get the results I’m seeking.

Live on purpose. Be alive and amongst those like you.

Every day can be a fresh start, if you approach it that way. Not to get to preachy on you (I don’t post about my faith often, but it will come up), but we have a merciful God. I think each day we wake up is a chance to do it right. Ask forgiveness, be kind, and love each other.

Now, off to make a list of actionable GOALS.

Happy New Year, blogosphere.

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