In the past year I have really reflected on my legacy and stretched my creative muscles to produce beautiful and meaningful images. My portfolio has expanded immensely, and I am more fulfilled as an artist. Portrait sessions are still fun to shoot, yeah, but these feed my soul.

Everything does come back to words, though. I have to describe images. Look for themes and patterns. I think you have to be able to write eloquently about a subject to have an effect on a broader audience. In my pedagogical days, I’d have referred to this as “diverse teaching/learning styles.” Everyone processes information in different ways, so it’s imperative to present it in multiple ways.

I still have a desire to teach and share knowledge, and I think that’s one of the main reasons I began this blog. All the information clanking around this head of mine does no good to remain in there.

I’ve thought up some things I’ll be sharing in the coming days, weeks, months… Things like:
– Mistakes I’ve made
– My creative process
– How my mental health directly affects my work (or lack of)
– Raising children to be decent humans
– and a lot more.

The Shape of a Woman in Water
Model: Mack Graham

I don’t want this to be a “mom blog” or a “tog blog” or just a diary. (I’m going to hammer a lot of stuff out about my purpose here at the beginning, so just settle back for that. It will lead to the good stuff.) But as I prepare to share knowledge about a myriad of subjects, you could probably stick those labels on me somewhere.

Early this year I took part in a creativity challenge through one of the industry leaders in photography, motivational speaking, inspiration, etc. Her name is Brooke Shaden, and you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t go check her out. During the challenge, I was thinking of all the themes I often confront in my imagery, and then this crazy stream of conciousness list flowed from my hands to the paper.

Beauty. Faith. Blossom. Love. Femininity. Birth. Blood. Fear. Anxiety. Pain. Fire. Water. Iron. Earth. Death. Embrace. Enchant. Magic. Surreal. Alive. Alone. Here. There. Gone. Grief. Life.

Scary at times? Yes. But sometimes we have to see the dark to appreciate the light, and vice versa. When I think on these words, I can see them reflected in my work. Not all together, all the time. 

These words are part of the tapestry that makes up my story. And my story bleeds into your story and the story of everyone around us. Our story. 

Let’s make a tapestry together.

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