Woofits (n.)

It’s Weird Word Wednesday! Today, a feeling that many of us are probably experiencing of late. What better way than a silly-sounding, strange word to give us a distraction. Woofits (n.) – an unwell feeling, like a headache; a moody depression; a hangover. My source book says there are citations that define this word as … More Woofits (n.)

States of Flux

It is no great secret that many people are living in uncertainty right now. While there are temporary fixes in place, the longevity of “non-essential” businesses is, at best, open to question. My business – most assuredly “non-essential” in the eyes of the government and general population – faces the same question: will I exist … More States of Flux

Callipygian (adj.)

It’s Weird Word Wednesday! Today’s word comes to us from the Greeks, from words meaning “beauty” and “buttocks.” Yep. An old Greek word to tell someone they have a nice butt. Callipygian (adj.) – Having a shapely buttocks And no, this is not an April Fools Day Joke. I think the day should be cancelled. … More Callipygian (adj.)

School at Home

My son’s journal entry for this week is about the “new routine” of school at home. He’s in second grade and he’s only got to write eight sentences about it, but I thought I’d write my own journal entry about our adventures in online academics and distance learning. Many of you may know that I … More School at Home

Tigon (n.)

Another thrilling edition of Weird Word Wednesdays here on Somebody’s Daydream. Inspired by the WEIRDEST piece of documentary film I have seen in a while: Tiger King (on Netflix). Has anyone else seen this strange and almost surreal show? How can these people be real? They seem like caricatures. Honestly, when I saw the image … More Tigon (n.)


The 8000-lb gorilla in the room. COVID-19. It has affected our lives in a major way. Most cities are in a stay-home holding pattern. “Essentials only.” And when you’re an artist, you’re a luxury. Definitely not toward the bottom of the Hierarchy of Needs. At least for other people. I’m still making art, because for … More Tired

Apocastasis (n.)

Another thrilling edition of Weird Word Wednesday here on the blog. Apocastasis (noun) – the return to a previous condition. I thought this was appropriate because we are in a confusing time, all wanting to find our way back to “normal.” I do hope that we will get there sooner rather than later, but I … More Apocastasis (n.)